Dimensional Letters have a depth and thickness which give a true sense of solidity and weight to a finished design.  VR Architectural Sign Systems produces dimensional signs in a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, wood, and dimensional foam. You can specify the exact color, font, design, and size you need to fulfill your signage application.  These letters are long lasting and legible from a distance.  We can also combine the dimensional effect of our 3D letters with printed art to create an eye catching logo or display.

VR Architectural Sign Systems' manufactures dimensional lettering in Brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and other popular metals with a variety of high quality surface finishes. Fabricated metal letters are manufactured by welding the letter face to the sides. This process allows us to produce large letters that are relatively lightweight, easy to install, and safe in critical weather conditions.
VR Architectural Sign Systems' precision cut lettering is manufactured in solid brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and other popular metals with a wide choice of surface finishes. This technique is reserved for smaller letters (few inches high) and for designs where great depth dimensions are not required.
Versatile, durable and long-lasting plastic. VR Architectural Sign Systems produces laser-cut lettering from any TrueType or PostScript computer font in a vast available range of single or multi colored plastics, with surface finishes to suit your decor.  These letters have a quick production time and are very cost effective.
VR Architectural Sign Systems' foam letters are an economical alternative when 3 dimensional letters are required on a limited budget.  They can be manufactured in sizes from less than one inch to several feet.  Foam letters are durable and can be used for exterior applications.  Many finishes including imitation metals, stones, and just about anything you can think of can be produced.
VR Architectural Sign Systems produces weather resistant exterior logos and beautifully finished interior logos. 3D logos can be fabricated in the whole range of materials available to VR Architectural Sign Systems, including plastics, laminates, composites, metals and dimensional foam.  Let us design your logo from scratch or improve your existing logo for a modern and professional look.






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